Here are the amazing natural remedies for removing black heads!

Black heads is a very common and very annoying problem, which is faced by almost everyone. The problem of blackheads arises, when the skin pores are clogged by dead skin cells and excess sebum (oil created by the sebaceous glands that keeps skin supple). He black heads appear, when the sebum comes in contact with air, and effect of oxidization turns it black. However, the most common reason myth behind black heads is that they are formed because of dust. Scrubbing the face is not a good measure to remove black heads as it only removes the essential oils from skin. There are some easy and simple remedies to get rid of black heads. Not only black heads but also remove black spots from face to get flawless skin and glowing skin.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice could be used as a toner or the skin. Lemon juice works as an astringent, as it shrinks the skin pores. It is also beneficial in temporary skin lightening. Lemon juice can be applied on the affected are at bed time. In the morning face must be clean with lukewarm water.



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