29 Amazing facts How Pokémon Go Changed People’s Life


The Community was recently asked that how Pokémon Go has affected different aspects of their lives, and the answers were all amazing. Here are some of the best responses.

  1. “It helped me to feel more connected to others.”
  2. “My wonderful support team, medical professionals, and this game has helped to come out of the darkest period of my life. “I started walking, starting spending time with friends.”
  3. “I had a ten months baby, and baby weight was a major problem for me.” “I started taking walks in the neighborhood and lost 10 pounds.”
  4. “I broke up with my boyfriend, as he was spending more time in playing Pokémon Go and was spending less time with me.”
  5. “My data bill has increased a lot.”
  6. “My dog died, when this game was released.” “It helped me to come over this grief, and helped me to go on walks.”



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