Protect your hair and prevent hair fall with these yoga poses!

Yoga asanas prove to be an effective option to deal with the problem of hair fall as the results are effective in long run. Below is the list of the yoga poses that re effective in dealing with the problem of hair fall.

Rubbing nails- Balayam yoga

This yoga pose is very simple, highly effective and is therefore viral on account of its benefits.

  • This yoga could be performed in either standing for sitting position.
  • Towards the palm, curl the fingers of both the hands inwards.
  • Start rubbing the nails of both the hands by bringing them together on contact with each other and rub them vigorously.
  • Continue for about 5-7 minutes.

                                                                           [ Also Read: Amazing remedies to prevent white hair]

Balayam yoga is also efficient in the prevention of premature graying and cures dandruff as well along with the prevention of hair loss.



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