Gain weight with these amazing home remedies that really work!

Almond milk

Around 14 gram of protein is provided by two glasses of milk while those extra calories are added by the polyunsaturated fats that are present in almonds when they are included in the everyday routine diet. For gaining weight, to boiling the milk, add handful of almonds after crushing them. For about 5 minutes, simmer this. 1 tsp of sugar could be added to this, if required. After this, take a glass and pour the mixture in it and then drink it slowly. Some dried figs and dates could also be added in the boiling milk to make it more effective. Continue for about 2 months by taking the recipe twice daily.



Potatoes are loaded with carbohydrates and therefore they aid in weight gain. Extra kilos are added to the body with the regular consumption of potatoes in any form. Baked or grilled potato can be helpful or you might also have French fries in order to gain weight.

Potatoes toi gain weight-Netmarkers


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