People are taking Baby Seals to their Home, for giving death! Shocking!

There are many wonderful things on the beaches that people would love to take back to their homes. There are shells, pretty stones, sparkling sand, but baby seals are not pets to be taken at home. This kind of thing should never be done. Many new reports have shown the pictures of died baby seals, who were trying to be taken to home by people. One such baby seal died, when a woman tried to take her home in a plastic bag. People even forget to use their common sense sometimes.

people taking baby seals to home for giving death- Netmarkers

They do not understand that these sea animals cannot be kept as pets at home. Humans can never be able to take care of these little animals, because they are not meant to be kept at homes like pets. In the last few months, over five cases have been reported, where humans find the baby seals and tried to take them to their homes. This is the most inhuman act, where people do not understand the difference between a sea animal and a pet. Humans believe that they could pet any animal, without understanding the dangers posed towards the life of these innocent sea creatures.


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