These are the Amazing Health Benefits provided by Garlic!

It is easily available in most of the countries and is known to be a natural health remedy for various problems. It can be consumed raw or cooked .It can even be stored in the form of dried powder and paste. It should not be consumed in greater quantity adults can consume one or two cloves 3 times a day and children can have quarter. It not only adds taste in your food but can also be used for various medicinal purposes.

It can be useful for pregnant women as it helps babies to gain weight while they are in the womb. It means it can even be consumed by pregnant ladies.

garlic benefits for pregnant women-Netmarkers


Garlic is a rich source of Vitamin C .Scurvy caused by the deficiency of vitamin C can be treated by consuming garlic on a daily basis.

Garlicrich in Vitamin C-Netmarkers


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