Smallest Victim of Louisiana Floods Saved From Water

Scott was at work since 6 a.m. He was leaving from work after 14 hours. The rising water of flood was the reason that amateur photographers and pharmacist could not leave their Louisiana office. It was not just a flood, but the water was reaching above the danger level. Everyone was worried about this phenomenon. As per Black “Approaching our building but still a mile and a half to two miles down the road,” and “It was rising slowly but steady and we did have some concern of the water getting to us.”

Animal rescued-Netmarkers

The community close to Baton Rouge was highly devastated with water. Many people came out of their house to help others and lend a helping hand for animals too. When Black was leaving from work, his eyes got stuck on one little thing, which was suffering in the water. Black was trying to approach his car in the parking lot, when he saw a truck. He recognized the truck driver, he has seen him at the gas station many time. Black says that “He stopped and I told him hello and he pointed for me to go to the passenger rear door to see something,”.


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