These are the 10 Deepest Rivers of the World!

Having a beautiful and vibrant river in your city makes you feel amazing. It is a blessing of nature and makes life easy in many different ways. People often find a nice spot sit and chat on the banks of rivers. There many beautiful and amazing rivers all over the world, and this article is going to share the information about 10 deepest rivers of the world that have hidden many secrets beneath their depth from the advent of humanity on the earth.

The Congo River 250 meters (820 ft)

The Congo River-Netmarkers

The Congo River is considered as the 8th longest river of the world. This river is 2,914 miles (4.690 km) long. Congo begins from the junction of Luvua River and Lualaba situated in the Altai Mountains and flows to southwest to the great Atlantic Ocean. The depth of this river is 820 ft.


The Yangtze River 200 meters (656 ft)

The Yangtze River-Netmarkers

His river is considered as the longest river in Asia and China. It is also the third longest river over the globe. The depth of this river is 656 ft. The Three Gorges section is considered as the most famous tourist spot, water conservation and electricity production.


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