These are the top 10 Natural Arches and Bridges of the World!

Nature is remarkable and inspiring. All around the world there are things which will leave you speechless ranging from stunning landscapes to awe inspiring mountains. Nature has phenomenon so enigmatic that man could never hope to match.It goes the same for bridges and arches. Natural arches bridge river canyons valleys in the most spectacular ways. Some might be wondering the difference between a natural arch and a natural bridge. Well, a natural arch is a rock that has taken the shape of an arch due to natural forces eroding it while a bridge is an arch where river acts as the natural force eroding the rock. This trending and viral post has the details of the most amazing natural bridges and arches of the world.

Landscape Arch, Utah

The landscape arch is one of the slimmest of the world. It is 88 meters long and is situated at the arches national park, Utah in an area called  the “devil’s garden” and was formed more than a million years ago.

Landscape Arch, Utah


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