An Innocent Animal Rescued From the Worst Zoo of the World!

For nine years this tiger suffered by staying inside the small cage at a zoo in Khan Younis, a town in war-torn Gaza. This zoo was first opened in the year 2007. But, very soon this zoo earned the reputation of being the worst zoo of the world, when mummified and dead animals were found near the living animals in the year 2008. This horrifying condition came up, when all the zoo animals were left abandoned for over 3 weeks, due to the airstrikes from Israel. There was no help for the innocent animals till the mid of April 2015. All the living animal remained in the zoo desperately required help and support to be rescued. The first animal organization that came up and entered Gaza to save the animals was ‘Four Paws’. This organization came to check on animals and made the plan to rescue them.

tiger in Cage-netmarkers



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