Enjoy delicious Lemon Garlic Chicken Thighs and Baked Chicken Fingers Recipes



  1. Up to the temperature of 425°F, preheat the oven. Take foil and line a baking dish with it.
  2. Into 1 1/2 “strips, cut the chicken cutlets. Combine lemon zest, panko and thyme in a shallow dish. Season with pepper and salt.
  3. One by one, dip chicken strips in eggs, in breadcrumbs and make sure the crumbs adhere, press them lightly. On a prepared baking sheet, transfer the strips.
  4. For about 10-12 minutes, bake them. To broil, increase the heat and for about 1-2 minutes, cook it.
  5. Whisk together honey and mustard in a small bowl. Toss the mixed green with olive oil and lemon juice in a large bowl. Season with pepper and salt.


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