Here are the amazing Yoga poses for busy women to relax!

Practice these 10 poses in the given order at least thrice a week or do them whenever you need to calm down.

  1. Child’s pose:
  • Kneel with big toes touching and knees hip width apart
  • sit on your heels
  • lay on your torso between your thighs
  • forehead on the mat
  • arms straight in front palms down


  1. Downward facing dog:
  • On all fours, feet and knees hip width apart
  • Hands shoulder width apart with fingers spread
  • Pressing into your hands lift your knees off the floor and straighten your legs.
  • Walk you hands a bit forward and legs a few inches back
  • Squeeze thighs; press them backwards towards the wall.
  • Press your heels back towards the floor



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