Get rid of suntan with the amazing Homemade Anti Tan Masks!

Sun-tan is considered unattractive in eastern countries, even though the western world loves a sun tanned look. But keep in mind there is no such thing as a healthy tan. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun damage the skin.  Although the tan fades over time it is always better to use preventive measures like avoid going in the sun, don’t stay in the sun for long hours, especially during the peak time avoid direct sun exposure.  If you can’t avoid it take proper measures like wearing a scarf. Ling sleeves, pants and a hat. And the most important don’t forget to apply sunscreen with protection from UV rays (SPF 15 or more).



Even though the tan fades over time there are some masks that you can use to help fasten the process. Ingredients like tomato, aloe-vera, yogurt, cucumber juice, lemon juice, rose water and gram flour (also known chickpea flour or besan) lighten the skin and works wonders with removing tan and will help you get that extra glow too. It will also get rid of dark spot and blemishes. All these ingredients are natural and won’t harm the skin unlike the products found in the market which are full of chemicals, cost a lot and yet fail to deliver the desired results. These natural ingredients are easily found in the kitchen and they work better than any chemical products without harming the skin. So this summer use these homemade masks to get rid from the ugly tan and have a glowing skin.




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