These are the 7 Most poisonous and dangerous flower plants in world!

We all see beautiful flowers around us but it’s hard to guess the one which are dangerous, here is a list of the world’s 7 most deadly flowers-

English Brown

It is the flower belonging to England, eastern and central Europe, this might look bright looking like small bananas, but is dangerous in nature. Cytisus scoparius is the scientific name of the flower, it has high to in toxic chemicals which effects  a person’s heartbeat , effecting the nervous system and it is regarded very toxic for children, people with heart problems and pregnant women.



The scientific name of this flower is Aconitum, mostly found in Western Europe and it is highly poisonous. The appearance of the purple color flower is beautiful but it is high in toxins. It has properties similar to poison pseuaconitine, if the flower is eaten by mistake it can lead to death at the moment, even touching the flower can lead to asphyxia, numbness and cardiovascular hypo-tension.



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