Amazing facts about dreams you are not aware of!

Dreams are of various types s mysterious, some may be bad like hell, beautiful; eye opening, long lost desires and many more.10 amazing things about dreams are listed below so let’s have a look at it:

1) Conscious Dreams: Some people practice what is known as lucid dreaming or in other words conscious dreaming. These lucid dreamers have developed and used various techniques so as to control their dreams  and while doingthis they do various types of things like travelling to different dimensions, flying and even passing through the walls.



2) Dreams that are Premonition: People also dream about the things which actually happened to them in the future and exactly in the same manner and procedure in the way they dream about it. In, other words one can say they actually saw their future, in their dreams. Some of the famous dreams are:

  • The demise of his brother was seen by Mark Twain in his dream.
  • Many people dreamt about the 9/11 catastrophe.
  • Abrahim Lincoln saw his own assassination in his dreams only.



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