Top 10 weirdest looking cars ever made in the world!

As we know that automobiles represent one’s class and taste but at the same time we all have cost boundaries. But for the car manufactures and car designers there is no limitation and they think beyond our imagination and bring new products daily.

Here is the list of 10 strange looking cars:

  1. Eclectic:

The eclectic car was first named as energy- autonomous car as it has a wind turbine and solar panel for boosting its power. The eclectic car looks like the golf cart. It can also be charged by electricity.


  1. 1967 Dodge Deora:

It was designed by Detroit’s Alexander brother. Dodge deora was designed as a pickup car. It was a concept car. There is no visible hood in the front of the car so the front looks like the rear end of the other cars.



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