Here are meanings of the top 10 common dreams!

Here are meanings of the top 10 common dreams!

Dreams are the phenomenon that is common with all of us and everybody dreams. It has been found by the researchers that majority of people have the dreams based on the analogous themes. To discover the meaning of dreams, there have been efforts for years. There are number of dreams that people have but some dreams are common and most of the people used to have such common dreams. This viral post will give the meaning of top 10 common dreams that most of the people used to have:

Trapped or lost

The dreams of being trapped or lost are very common and they usually occur when the person is experiencing some conflict in taking decisions as how to react over something. In such dreams, the person have the feeling as if he is trying to find his way out of a maze, a forest etc. this type of dream is frequently convoyed with the emotion of terror. It represents that the person is trapped in his real life and is not able to make the accurate choice.



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