Puppy being tortured by the maniacs!

We always compare someone to a dog in order to insult him or her. Considering dog as a derogatory being is the biggest mistake of humans. Dog are the most loyal. They are filled with love and gratitude for others. It might only your dog that loves you unconditionally, and more than any human being around. Dogs are a man’s best friends. This comparison, given our societal thinking, might offend some but think of it and you will find all the qualities in a dog, which you ever wish for in a friend.


But there are always some people who, no matter what, never understand how beautiful this animal is. Their cruelty towards dogs does not seem to ever decrease. Nor no reason, they always have this tendency to bully dogs and harass them. This insensibility of such people leads to severe harm to dogs. At times the dogs are tortured to death. Similar is the case of Pascal. A cute puppy, Pascal, had to face the evil behavior of such retarded humans.



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