Simple and effective tips to Prevent and Treat Mold Allergies!

Mold allergies are not threatening but can make your daily life uncomfortable. People tend to confuse it with cold yet the symptoms can be minor. But if one does not pay attention to time it may lead to the weaker immune system which can lead to other illnesses.

Garlic:┬áIt helps in increasing the immunity. You can chew 2-3 cloves or boil them in a cup of water and strain them ready to drink. After consulting with your doctor you can also take garlic’s tablets.


Ginger: It is highly effective in mold allergy and good for immune system. Ginger tea is highly effective, with grated ginger in it. Even chewing ginger is equally good for health. It is extremely helpful in headaches and runny nose, try incorporating the bit of ginger in food on regular basis.



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