Heart can be Grown outside the Human Body! Amazing!!!

Stem cell research has been the most revolutionary research in the field of science and technology. This research never ceases to amaze people, as it displays infinite possibilities of creating something which may be really impossible. The most recent research in the field of Stem cell is that now human heart can be grown outside the human body. This research could be one of the most important milestones in the science and human evolution. Harvard Stem Cell Institute is working towards taking their experiment of creating a small heart from the stem cell tissue to create a mature human heart.


A milestone was achieved by the scientist last year, when the scientists from the Gladstone Institute and researchers from Berkeley California collaborated to develop a beating mini human heart from the steam cells. According to claims made by the scientists and researchers, this experiment can pave the way towards making a beating and live human heart, made with stem cell tissues. This research could bring revolution in the field of heart development. Biologist Dr. Bruce Conklin and his team members used the stem cell tissues from the skin to be grown in the Petri dish lined with the chemicals. The process also involved the altered properties and oxygen plasma etching. The experiment was carried out by altering the condition favorable to cardiovascular construction in a small experimental vessel.




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