An oil leek might soon damage the largest freshwater source of the world!

Water is an essential resource and is the life source of all living beings. Water is essential not only for humans but also for animals. Plants, water creatures, etc. water keeps the environment healthy. For survival water is essential. Nothing can substitute water. 60% water is needed by the human body. Our body is made up of 70% water but we have to keep one thing in mind that is that water is a scarce resource. And will be extinguished soon if proper care is not done.

Because of the growing population and pollution the fresh water resource is stretched thinly. Imagine the consequences that will happen if the fresh water source is contaminated. A massive environmental catastrophe will happen when fresh water resources are scarce.  It is our responsibility to make sure that fresh water resources are safe.

If strict actions are not taken against the world’s largest oil pipeline, the fresh water resource will face grave danger.



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