This is what Invention of Bubble Wrap intended for!

The bubble wrap is an old favorite of many of us. It has ability to safeguard goods and fragile products like electronics as well as serve a very enjoyable toy for young and the old.

To your surprise, it has entered the fashion world and we have fashion freaks wearing them today. B The bubble wrap is a result of an interior decor experiment that went awry, due to that they are used for guarding goods and packages.



It was meant to be textured wallpaper

Joey Green is the co-author of a book “The Bubble Wrap Book”.

The credit of invention of bubble wrap goes to Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding. In 1957, they both were working to make a special kind of textured wallpaper to be used for home decor purposes. They used a pair of shower curtains and pressed them together in a machine to come up with uniquely textured wallpaper.

Their machine worked differently and produced plastic sheets that were filled with air bubbles.



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