DIY tricks for amazing Manicure at home as well as to strengthen your nails!

A manicure in any beauty salon is a good thing but it is expensive as well.

One can do manicure at home if you are habituated in manicuring your nails regularly. There are several ways to achieving that perfect manicure at home with ingredients available in kitchen.

Below are the ten home remedies:

Remove Nail Polish with Sponges and Acetone

This is a very common remedy to remove nail polish at home. One can make gadget with a large sponge dipped in a bottle of acetone; just dip finger in it to remove the nail polish.

nail polish remover-Netmarkers


Clip Nails Straight Across

Clipping nails straight across with no rounded edges minimizes the chances of getting ingrown nails or the condition of hang nail.



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