These amazing medical breakthroughs by teenagers are unbelievable!

At a time when the young fraternity is looking for bright career choices, there are youth who have made special medical breakthroughs. Below are the examples of these teenagers who inspire us all.

Ethan Manuell

Ethan Manuell had been wearing a hearing aid since the age of four.

  • He participated in a science fair in his school and demonstrated that if battery was exposed to air before being put in use, it did last longer.
  • His project is considered one of the medical breakthroughs that can help save $70 a year spent on new zinc batteries.



Tony Hansberry

  • Tony Hansberry developed the procedure to suture patients after an operation through a safer and faster method.
  • This is another of the medical breakthroughs that gave Tony an opportunity to do an internship at Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville in Florida.



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