Millions of people are having undiagnosed heart disease and lung cancer and they are unaware of it!!!

It is a very surprising fact that millions of people worldwide think or considered themselves to be healthy but they are not aware they could be suffering from heart disease or lung cancer.

Current lifestyle and environmental conditions like air pollution are slowly taking their toll where the cases of undiagnosed lung cancer in the UK alone could stand at a near 80,000.

There can be possibility that million people may be suffering from undiagnosed lung cancer and heart disease with cases of COPD or chronic unconstructive pulmonary disease.

The range of COPD also includes conditions of bronchitis, emphysema, and also heart disease.

Why and how is this happening? Take for example, almost 28.400 people die from the dreaded lung cancer disease alone every year and all because half the number of people never even knew it that they were suffering from the same.



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