You have a point of longevity in your body. This is what happens if it is massaged!

How to massage the point of longevity?

The time to perform the massage on the Zu San Li point is in the morning preferably before lunch. The procedure is to massage it 9-10 times in a spherical motion in a clockwise direction on each leg – 9 times on one leg and nine times on the other leg. The perfect time for the massage is 10-15 minutes.

But the important part is to assume a very comfortable and relaxed sitting position. Concentrate on breathing and place yourself in a state of congruence and consider that you are commencing the therapeutic process.

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Best time to do the massage

Eight days after the start of the New Moon, massage this point in the morning, in turn on each leg in the clockwise direction. It is the best time for a massage so that it toughens the immunity, increase the work of all organs efficiently.

Zu San Li point massage-Netmarkers


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