Want ultimate glory for your hair? Try these tips!

Are you upset looking at the poor quality of your hair ? Are your hair thin; do they break easily; do they look flat and lifeless?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you should start taking adequate diet. Also, you should start using quality products for your hair while adopting a hair style which helps you in maintaining healthy hair. Let’s discuss five steps which promises healthy hair:

Minimize using hot water shower on your hair:

You may feel relaxed while using hot water on your hair and body but it’s a bitter truth that hot water dehydrates your skin and hair. Too much usage of hot water can make your hair brittle and dry. This is because the usage of hot air removes the protective oils of hair thereby making them easily accessible to breakage. Also, using shampoo can further lead to opening of pores which can damage hair roots leading to  hair loss.

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