These are the most heaviest people in the world!

Being overweight can be a very difficult situation for the people, who are going through this. Being overweight can result into many chronic diseases like, heart problems, diabetes, inability to move and serious dependence on others. The problem of overweight is not always caused by the eating so much, but sometime the person may suffer from some serious illness. The life of such people becomes very tough and they may find difficulty in living a normal life. The rea re many such people, who are going through this problem, still they are trying to cope up with their life and live a normal life.

Paul Mason

Paul Mason is a 50 years old man, who lives in England. Once he was considered as the world’s fattest man with total weight of 444 kilograms. He lost around 250 Kilograms after getting a bypass surgery. He is the one who eats beyond the normal limit. Very day he takes around 20,000 calories through his diet. However, he is not unhappy with his diet and his love towards food. But, he blames the Britain’s national health system, who didn’t allow him to see the eating disorder specialist, when he was just 180 Kilograms.

Paul Mason-Netmarkers


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