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The definition of luxury changes from person to person and so are the experiences. The pleasures derived from such luxury also spell different experiences by one and all. While some define, private jet, personal spa, dedicated places for room and shoes for the same, there are others who derive the measure of luxury by driving fancy cars. Here, in tis article, we will shed light on different kinds of cars which will instil pride once you own them or else when you get into it.So now, let’s share the reason why these cars, which are favourites of many, rule the luxury car segment.

And the journey starts here:

Mercedes S-Class

Its comfort and amenities will leave you stunned and surprised. Being the most expensive car from the Mercedes line up, it comes with options of two wheelbase. The longer one has many additional features such as it provides rear seats which can easily be heated, vented and can also help in massaging. They can also be reclined till half the journey.



Once you start chauffeuring anyone in Mercedes S-Class, a super deluxe car, you will be considering it as your best job because of the comfort its engines as well as driving modes give. The automatic steering, accelerating options are yet another benefit of driving this dream car. Its conventional V6 Diesel, V8 turbo Petrol, and hybrids in both four-cylinder diesel and V6 petrol engines add more to beauty to this car. Its price range varies from $96,575 – $169,975.




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