Want to get a surprise? See the effects of placing a clothespin on your ear for a few seconds!

Ours is a human body and it can spell trouble in any form, either in the form of pains or spasms at any point of time. Just one little inflammation and the body experiences intense pain. Hence to counteract such actions, there is something like kicking your organs into action. The result of such action is instantaneous and it helps in relieving pain. See how you feel by keeping a clothespin for few seconds on your ears. The result will be awesome. You will be free from different kinds of pains and aches and your body tension will be released.

 Helen Chiu Lui, a renowned reflexologist, confirms thateach ear has a complete reflex map of the body. It consists of several nerve endings and multiple connectors linked to the central nervous system of the body. Overall, there are six main parts of the ear which are related to different organs and regions of the body.



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