Want to stop hiccups? These are the eight foolproof ways!

We all hate hiccups! At most of the time, we are busy finding solutions for it. However, many times, these solutions fail. Hence we bring you eight foolproof ways which can help in stopping of these unwanted hiccups. These methods can stop the involuntary contractions which are made by your diaphragm.

1. Hold Your Breath

The first step is to hold your breath. Here, you need to wait with a controlled breathing process and then take a deep breath. Keep holding it for 45 seconds till a minute so that the time for the next hiccup is passed away. This is the basic idea behind this concept as the time for the next hiccup passes quite comfortably. As the ensuing carbon dioxide starts building up in the lungs, it relaxes the diaphragm while stopping the hiccuping process instantly. Meanwhile if hiccuping continues even after all these trials, try the process of swallowing a few times as you continue holding your breath.




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