Types Of Crazy Weddings

D-day should is known to be the most joyful days for both bride and the groom worldwide. Nevertheless, some couples believe in enjoying the wedding ecstatically; there are a few who want to make it an exaggerated extravagant wedding and they make sure it turns out to be the fanatically extreme wedding in the world. We have listed five outrageous wedding which were crazy as hell.

The naked wedding

Extravagant Clothes are the foremost preparations of every wedding. However, Ellie Barton and Phil Hendicott from Australia decided to go naked and changed their wedding into one of a kind, per se. They exchanged vows wearing nothing but their wedding rings – and a bunch of carefully placed roses. Mrs. Ellie Hendicott painted white on her body, which appeared as a dress, and the only thing she really wore besides the bouquet was a long white wedding veil. Phil Hendicott  on the other hand wore zilch but a black top hat to hide his genitals. The wedding ceremony was conducted live on Radio broadcasting it to thousands of Australians in the morning.



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