Fruits grow on the trunk of this Brazilian tree. Amazing!!!

And the uses of this fruit: What are the uses of this tasty fruit?

Jams, jellies, tarts, strong wines, liqueurs are the main uses of this versatile fruit although it is also used as fruit vey widely. It actually similar to French Grapes. The main con of this fruit is its life span that means it’s highly perishable and lasts for just about 72 hours due to which it’s rarely shipped outside Brazil. Also scientist has proven that this fruit has medical properties which helps in treating respiratory conditions such as asthma, treating diarrhea, and arresting hair loss. And with its great vitamin and mineral content, it makes an excellent tonic for detoxing food intake and is especially beneficial as protein supplement for vegans.

Therefor next time when you visit brazil make sure to taste this awesome and rare fruit and witness the beautiful Jabuticabeira Tree.



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