Top 7 celebrities over 50 that still look young !!

Age is just a figure for some of the female celebrities. Their astounding beauty has proved just that every step of the way. These celebrities have maintained themselves so well that they continue to seduce the world even though they are over 50 years old. The most obvious reason for this is that they are feeling young inside and that is what has keep them look equally young on the outside. These ladies age with dignity and that’s why they are able to keep all glamour that followed them during their careers. Check below to see the stunning female celebrities who are above 50.


Halle Berry (50)
This 50 turned celebrity works out 30-60 minutes four times a week. The exercise she does helps her to keep muscles of the body in active mode. Being the diabetic person she diet herself 5 times a day so as to keep her blood sugar level stable. She includes high amount of proteins and vegetable in her diet.

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