Unbelievable but true ! Dangerous Bridges of Death


El Caminito Del Rey- Malaga, Spain

This bridge was purposely built for the workers as a pathway to cross between the hydroelectric power plants. Though it is of no use for the workers and serves as tourist attraction in Spain.

El Caminito Del Rey- Malaga, Spain-netmarkers

Peak Walk by Tissot- Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

This 107 long bridge was inaugurated in October 2015 and was built by the Tissot. It is the first suspension bridge that connects two mountain peaks, View peak and Scex Peak in Swiss Alps.

Peak Walk by Tissot- Bernese Oberland, Switzerland-netmarkers

Sochi Sky Bridge, Russia

This bridge is 439 m long and is one of the longest bridges in the world built for the pedestrian. It consist a 700 meter zip wire.

Sochi Sky Bridge, Russia-netmarkers



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