Simplest Way to Remove Kidney Stones with Barley Water


How barley water prevents formation of kidney stones


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Barley water is very effective natural remedy that not only prevents the formation of Kidney stones but also dissolves if present. Barley water prevents kidney formation as follows:
1. When you drink barley water, excess pressure is created by the Bladder on the kidney which ultimately helps in eliminating the stones from the body with ease. The most effective way to get rid of kidney stones is to consume Barley water on regular basis.
2. Being alkaline in nature, Barley water maintains the pH level in the body thus preventing in the formation of kidney stones.
3. Barley water keeps the kidney healthy and nourished.
4. Barley water flushes out harmful toxins and various toxic substances from the kidney through urine.
5. Barley water is rich in dietary fiber which also helps in preventing formation of Stones.
6. Crystal of Calcium Oxalate breaks down within the kidney from Vitamin B6 present in Barley water.
7. Magnesium in Barley helps in boosting dissolution process of calcium oxalate crystals.



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