Top 6 Article Writing Service Providers

Here you will get to know about the top 6 article writing service providing platforms or companies.

If you are a website owner that does have the time to write the content for it or write your own blogs, then you will have to engage another writer to do the same. There are two sides to this. While you will end up saving a lot of time, you may have to spend a lot of time to find out a good writer. In such cases, it is a good idea to outsource your articles to a good article writing service. In this article we have attempted to list a few good writing services for your reference.



Article Writing Services

Please note that the set of service providers given below is listed in no particular order. These services enlist the services of writers from all over the world.

#1: Thoughtfulminds

One of the oldest content writing companies in India that offers article writing services, web content writing, press releases etc from in-house writers only. It is probably the most different company than the rest of the companies mentioned here since it is the only one that never freelances the work.

#2: iWriter

This site offers a user both options: you can choose to write for others or you can hire writers. You can choose writers with different star ratings. Writers with a 5 star rating are the best. You also have the freedom to reject any article that you are unhappy with. Then some other writer will do the job for you. You can create your own list of favourite writers and can send work specifically to them.

#3: oDesk(

You can find freelance writers on this site. There are candidates offering various kinds of services on this site as well (accountants, virtual assistants, etc.).

#4: ELance

This writing service is similar to oDesk in that they offer many other services as well. It is common to find a number of writers from countries like India and Pakistan in this site. You can end up hiring the kind of writer that you want. However, European writers offer a higher quality for lower amounts charged. The US and Canadian writers are really good.

#5: WriterAccess

WriterAccess allows you to choose from a variety of writers. They are given a rating between 1 and 6 initially and then this later takes a lower or a higher value based on your feedback. If you hire 6 star rated writers you have to pay a higher price for writing the articles. The quality of such writers is good.

#6: TextBroker

This is a high quality content writing service and you can get an article at 1.3 cents per written word. If you want the best writers to write for you then you should pay 7.2 cents per written word. If you pay higher, you are guaranteed to get high quality writers.


Tips for Finding a Good Quality Writer

Keep the following points in mind if you want to end up with a good quality writer.

Tip#1: Be clear about what you want written in the article. Make it easy for the writer to understand what you want.

Tip #2: It is always a good idea to get the lower rated writers in the beginning. This may lead you on to good writers that are struggling to get their ratings to a better value. You may have to spend more time on this. But it may be worth the effort because you will end up spending less.

Tip #3: Check out the profiles of the writers before you hire them. Look out for a short description of the person and their communication ability. Look for a writer that writes good articles, follows instructions as they are, is hard-working and formats the article to make them readable.

So, instead of thinking of ways to make money fast, concentrate on making online presence with quality content which is available with these content providers.


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