Hollywood Celebrities owning beautiful Island!

Can you believe it owning an island in today’s time. Well may be not! But don’t you think the mere thought of this is going to fantasize you? Yes it is! When it comes to Hollywood celebrities, you can take buying islands among those items in the list that are among the hot shots. Many of the celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Leonardo DiCaprico and many others have their own islands. Let’s have a look at facts about them and these islands.

      1. Johnny Depp

The actor Johnny Depp himself owns an entire island and is insanely rich. In the year 2004, hollywood’s favorite pirate bought an island in a massive amount of $3.6 million. He named the island Little Halls Pond Clay which is located in Bahamas. The island covered 45-acres of land. He renamed the island again after his daughter, Lilly Rose Depp.
depp's island-netmarkers

2. Lindsay Lohan

Designing her own island in Dubai, Lindsay Lohan is a queen of royalty in true-blue Hollywood. Current news reveal that Lindsay is designing an island herself at Dubai’s world Islands. According to the news portal it is said that she would plan her own reality show over there and would be popularly known as Lohan island.

lohan's island-netmarkers


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