Fashion trends in year 2018 you should not miss!

  1. Fringe

Fringe has made a comeback in the year 2018 on a fashion scale. From clothing to shoes to accessories, fringes are a well-deserved styles. It is in current trend and is being used in variety of styles such as in dress, jeans, or rugged jeans and jackets, etc.


  1. Rainbow

A study suggests that you feel the colour more than you see it. We generally avoid dark colours in summer, but when it comes to winter or spring, we get more attracted towards these colours. Rainbow colour attire will be in fashion in the current year and will give a fabulous look.


  1. Square Neckline

Neckline is primarily a style for all those clothes which are wore above waist. Women often prefer square neckline especially when they wear a pendent necklace. Square neckline gives a decent look to a dress and the whole attire looks quite smart.


  1. Feather

The trend of feather in clothing always looks fashionable and adorable. It gives a cute look when you dress yourself in feather.



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