Some of the most Life-threatening and death-dealing rivers in the world!

Rivers are the most uncertain forces which plays a vital role in global ecosystem. Despite being dangerous in many ways, it provides a diverse necessities for land and living creatures. But hen on one hand they provide transportation and livelihood to the people, on the other hand the same river giving live and wealth sometimes takes it away, being it because of wildlife or flood. There exists some of the death-dealing rivers in the world which you must be familiar with:

  1. River Nile

Commonly known as world’s longest river, the Nile River in Egypt is 6,853 km long. The crocodiles in river Nile are most famous and dangerous predator. Spiders and snakes are also included among the most deadliest ones.


  1. Parana River

Parana River is 4,880 km Long River situated in South America which flows through different countries including Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. It sometimes create widespread destruction causing land erosion and flood that devour almost everything that comes across its path.



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