Endangered Species You Should not Miss!

Because of certain reasons like evolutionary changes or environmental forces, some species are diminishing. And the unfortunate is that these endangered species of birds, insects or animals really possess beautiful features. Only a dozen or a couple of some of these species are left to see. Some of those beautiful species that are still alive are listed here, so let’s have a look on them:

  1. Macaw Yellow

Macaws belong from parrot family and are incredibly beautiful and pretty and very brightly colored member of their family. The color is best suited to existence in South American and Central rain forests, with the green cover and colorful flowers and fruits. Macaw brags large and powerful beaks which easily crack seeds and nuts. And their tongues are dry and scaly which have bone inside which helps to tap into the fruit. They have beautiful features such as long graceful tail, gripping toes, bright golden yellow belly and a narrow line head with black feathers. Apart from that, they are effectively intelligent and they always gather in groups. When they squawk or scream, their voice echo in the forest. They can also imitate human speech. But the sad part is that there only exists 17 species of this bird, and many are endangered species. Their homes are also disappearing at a large rate.



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