These Internets Cats are just Mind blowing!

Can you believe that cats can be equally famous as Angelina Jollie or Justin Bieber or any other celebrity? But there are such cats whose photos on social media has become worldwide popular and became an internet sensation. Lil Bub, Maru, Grumpy or Hamilton are some of the examples of an Internet cat whose photos and videos have gained them millions of followers on Instagram or any other social media. Let’s know more about these internet cats:

  1. Grumpy

It’s an American internet cat celebrity who is popularly known as Grumpy cat. The literal meaning of Grumpy is ill-tempered or short-tempered. And likewise her face seems like she is always in an angry mood or as if she dislikes the world or hates being joyful. This cat was born on 4th April, 2012 whose original name is Tardar Sauce. Many people doubt that it’s a male cat, but actually it’s not. It’s an internet celebrity female cat who is popularly famous for her unique and joyful facial expression. Tabatha Bundesen, her owner states that forever grumpy looks on her face is because of her catlike dwarfism. Her first shot on internet was in the year 2013 to internet stardom and after that her first picture was uploaded on social media on Reddit, and the rest is history. This cat covered almost every aspects on Internet, whether it is a T-shirt print or a television show.


  1. Lil Bub

Lil Bub is also an American celebrity cat famous for her distinctive appearance. She always has her tongue twigging out of her mouth because of several genetic transformation. She is 1.8 kg in weight and she has an infrequent bone disorder called osteopetrosis for she was diagnosed. Born on 21st July, 2011, Lil Bub was adopted by Mike Bridavsky when Bub’s friend whooped to request to give her a home. Her photos was first uploaded on Reddit and Tumbler which made her popularity climb to insane levels.




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