Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World


Flowers are beauty of nature which varies in colour, size and fragrance. There are numerous varieties of flowers on this earth and the top 10 are discussed in this article:

Gerberas is such an amazing flower with its classic appearance, gorgeousness and rich colours. These flowers are the larger variation of the daisy family. Gerberas means joy, purity, innocence and cheerfulness. Gerberas come in a range of vibrant colours and if we send these flowers to someone will surely make their day.
Gerberas is April’s birth flower so you can send a bouquet for your dear once whose birthday comes in April by saying them, this flower is yours.


2.Bleeding heart
Bleeding heart is truly an eye-catching beautiful flower. It looks like a heart as its name imply and when at the flower’s tip some water drops appear, it really looks as a bleeding heart. Imagine how wonderful it will look that there is a lot of white pink colored flowers with a heart shape in your garden.
This flower well grows in moist and cool climate. It can be found in many colors like white, pink, yellow and red.



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