These Cities Might not be Expected to see in Future!

I am sure you must be familiar with these cities as they all are beautiful in their own, but due to some reasons they might not be seen in coming years. Below are the list of some cities that might disappear in future. So before it gets disappeared, take a chance to visit these. Though government are making efforts to solve the problem that these cities are facing, but the efforts are in vain so far.

  1. Mexico City, Mexico 

Being the birth place of ancient Aztec empire, the Mexico City is settling gradually by 9 cm, which is far more than Venice. The reason being the draining of Lake Texcoco in the 17th century.


  1. San Francisco, USA 

The city being situated at the junction of tectonic plates, often leads to mini earthquakes. Scientists have made a research that a large earthquake with probability of 75% can hit the city in the coming years.


  1. Venice, Italy

Being the most romantic place on the planet, Venice is drowning slowly and gradually day-by-day. The soil under the city Venice is settling down and the level of Adriatic Sea is rising up. The government is looking for a solution to this problem, but till now no result is found.


  1. Timbuktu, Mali 

Timbuktu in Mali is falling asleep ruthlessly with sand from the nearby desert. The buildings are disappearing in a large extent, especially in the northern part of Timbuktu. The government is working hard on this problem, but till now the efforts are in vain.


  1. Detroit, United States 

Detroit in United States can be described as the most dangerous city with declining population and high unemployment and is also known as the “automobile capital of USA”. Gradually, the city is turning into a ghost city due to the incident of bankruptcy that took place in the year 2013.


  1. Naples, Italy

Vesuvius is now targeting to destroy Naples, who previously destroyed Pompeii in 79 BC. Other reasons could be the volcano eruptions, which last took place in the year 1944. Research says that Naples is in red zone and Vesuvius can destroy it in the middle of 2000s.

cities that will disappear in future, these cities might disappear in future


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