Top 10 Bizarre Animals With Peculiar Defense Mechanism!

  1. Bombardier beetle

Messing with Bombardier Beetle will give you an offensive surprise. They sprays a hot and toxic fluid on their attacker, which secretes from their anus.

bombardier beetle-netmarkers

  1. The Hairy Frog

The Hairy Frog are native to Central Africa and they threaten every time. They have an ability to crack their own toe bones and then form sharp claws by pushing them through the skin.

Hairy Frog-netmarkers

  1. Iberian Ribbed Newt

Found on Morocco and the Iberian Peninsula, Iberian Newt has an ability of alarming self-defense. When they feel they are in danger, they use their personal weapon by pushing their ribs through the skin.

Iberian Ribbed Newt-netmarkers

  1. The stick insect

These creatures sprays a defensive secretion on their attacker which has an offensive smell and can also cause eye and mouth irritation.

stick insect-netmarkers

  1. Sea Cucumbers

A Sea Cucumber when threatened, releases holothurin which is a sticky poisonous toxin. They fool their attackers by contracting their muscles violently until secretion of any organs right out from their anus.



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