Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals On The Earth !

Nowadays, animals are becoming very close and caring to human being. They are an amazing creature on this earth. We all have seen various kinds of animals, like some are cute, some are dangerous, some are innocent, while some looks cute but are actually dangerous. But did you even know about intelligent animals? Yes, this is one of a kind, as animals are also intelligent.

It must sound surprising that how come animals are intelligent. Thus, have a look at the top 10 most intelligent creatures on this earth.

  1. Octopus

Octopus are not only sentiment creature but are intelligent too. They have a special quality of changing their shape in order to escape from their enemies.


  1. Rats

They are quite smart and have sharp memory power that too for a long time. They have a life span of two to three years. One could not easily underestimate their mental capacity.


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  1. Squirrels

Unlike their size, their brain is much sharper. They are an excellent learner as they learn immediately just by watching. They adapt things easily and quickly.


  1. Crows

Crows are born intelligent birds which occur in largest population on the Earth. They are immensely smart and intelligent in searching their foods and building their nests using various tools.


  1. Otters

Otters are marine mammal and a smallest creature on Earth. They are quite intelligent and able to identify their enemies with the help of vibrations that occur in the water.



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