10 Most Dangerous and Lethal Rivers across the World!

  1. Kern River

Kern River located in California is also among the most lethal rivers and usually it is seen that bodies are not being recovered from this river. More than 270 people have lost their lives in this river.


  1. Yenisei River

Yenisei is the longest river in Russia which is 3,847 km long and flows in six different cities of Russia. The river is highly contaminated and toxic.


  1. River Nile

River Nile is also known as the longest river in the world which is 6,853 km long. The river serves as a home for the deadly snakes and spiders. And the most dangerous predator is the famous crocodile.

Parana-River-netmarkers River-Nile-netmarkers

  1. The Red River

One of the most deadly as well as beautiful river flowing through the Southern America is the Red River. The dangerous currents flowing in an irregular manner making it lethal.



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