15 Apps That You Must Have for Your iPhone!

Before downloading any app, do you know that whether you are selecting the best app or not? There are hell lot of apps and some of it might also be downloaded in your iPhone, reason behind it is that you are already aware of their benefits. Some of the essential and for most apps that you all have are Twitter, Facebook and Gmail, which probably you have already decided to download. But apart from those, here are 10 apps that yssssou must have in your phone and you will surely like to use it.

  1. Google Maps

It is for sure that you have the official navigator app for your iPhone “Maps”. But if you want a fully delivers app, then download Google Maps for your iPhone.


  1. BillGuard

Unlike other bank apps, BillGuard adds something more like it will help you to manage your spending habits. It will keep you aware pf irregular spending and will also notify you for frequent service charges that you might not use anymore.


  1. Buffer

If you want to be a whiz in social media then using this app you can schedule your Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and LinkedIn posts on the basis of the time of their effectiveness. Buffers helps to set an appropriate time by measuring the effectiveness.


  1. Dashlane

Dashlane is also a powerful app. If you want to buy anything online, then dashline helps you to automatically save information of your payment and confirmation that might loss in your email.


  1. Camera+

Camera+ worth $1.99 but frankly delivers one of the best platforms for photography. You will get an app in a couple of bucks that covers almost every features that one needs while takin the best photograph with iPhone.


  1. Fooducate

Fooducate is an effective health app which helps you by allowing you to scan the barcode of the product and then view its detail. It will give you a clear picture, from ingredients to calories of the product that you are buying.

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  1. Sleep Cycle

It is an ultimate alarm clock. Unlike other alarm clocks of selecting an exact time to wake up, in sleep Cycle you can select the time duration or time frame, for example, between 7:00am and 8:00am. This app measures your sleep cycle and analyze how well you rested.

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  1. Dropbox

Dropbox app is among one of the best apps for proving a cloud service. Dropbox allows you to view and save your file across different devices, including your laptop, tablet, desktop or phone.

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  1. Vine

Instagram and Pinterest are the most recommendable social apps in today’s time, but apart from these two, Vine is another best recommended social app which provides an instant entertainment.


  1. Onavo Extend

Always worried about data plans? Here’s a solution for you. Download the Onavo Extend app which will help to conserve the data that you use and will also help you to keep track that which app is draining your plan more.



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