How to Style Different Types of Hats!


Hats are the simplest way to make your apparel look more elegant instantly. These are enduring and selective choice of accessory for those women who like dressing up. But if you have never wore a hat, then it would be quite profound to select a hat that would suit your style and personality. While some hats are event specific and meant for special occasion, while some are traditional, while others are totally add-on. Wearing hat varies from region to region, but few hats are such that they look pretty graceful and evergreen across the globe. Let’s scroll down to have a look at different types and styles of hats.

  1. Baseball


  1. Cowboy


  1. Small


  1. Fedora


  1. Floppy Hat


  1. Derby Hat


  1. Cloche Hat


  1. Beanie


  1. Beret


  1. Golf Cap


  1. Sun Hats







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