Facebook Data Leak Scam? Beware!


Facebook Confirms Data Of 5.6 Lakh Indians Leaked

The first news that emerged was that the data from 50 million Facebook users has siphoned off by Cambridge Analytica.

But, a day before that, Mark Zuckerberg admitted that even more than that, around 87 million user’s data had siphoned. But the question is that how those numbers only translated in India?

A spoke person of Facebook responded to the notice from Government of India that the data of 5.6 lakh India users was improperly shared and compromised.

He then added that “We are doing our investigations to find the specific number of people whose information was accessed by the app, especially of Indians.”


He also said that the app developed by Kogan and his company Global Science Research Limited (GSR) which was used by the Cambridge Anaytica for the acquisition of Facebook data happened without their authorization and that was an explicit violation of their platform policies. The number of people in India who installed tat app was only 355, which is 0.1 percent of the total installs worldwide.

The app in question gives an analysis based on your answer, which was a quiz named “This is your Digital Life”. When Facebook allowed the Cambridge Analytica for all the permissions, then they accessed the personal data of the users. With the bad fortune, the Facebook’s permission which was set up previously, exposed your data to the developer whenever your friend’s signed up for an app. So at last those 355 people ended up compromising 5,62,455 people approximately in India and 0.6 percent affected of total number of users around the world.

Now, it is expected by the Indian authorities to continue to drive this matter, especially when Ravi Shankar, the IT Minister warned Zuckerberg that the abuse of Indian users’ data leak won’t be tolerated.






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